Research is the process of solving identified problems and/or developing or modifying existing theories. Research methodology is a systematic procedure for determining the issues and problems, collecting relevant information and data, analyzing and comparing the information, and finally predicting the expected outcomes of all fields of study, including scientific and non-scientific (Sekaran & Bougie, 2016).

Every researcher should have knowledge of various research methodologies and methods. The knowledge of research methodology enables researchers/scholars to identify issues and problems, methods and methodologies, materials, scientific tools and techniques, and relevant information to the concerned problems. Researchers should have the knowledge to identify the variables of related problems, and can develop conceptual frameworks, causal relationships between variables, hypothesis testing, and understand the logic behind selecting a specific field for study (Sekaran & Bougie, 2016).

Research is a difficult task to conduct without proper knowledge. The transformation of knowledge is critical, and it varies from person to person and generation to generation. Very fast changes in technology provide an opportunity to transform knowledge and crea ate competitive environment. Seminars and workshops are the best practices to enhance our knowledge as well as skill which will be best practices to uplift our careers. Learning and professional work enables us to develop useful personalized knowledge and skills. Professional and well-planned curricular activities in teaching-learning process result to success the student. Only the certificates provided by the universities based on their curriculum cannot impart skills to the students as the need of changing society. Trainings, workshops, and conferences are useful to develop and transfer knowledge as well as skills to the respective groups as the needs of the society. The quality of the profession reflects mostly in the training/ and conferences as well. Hence, we have focused on “National Conference on Multidisciplinary Research”.

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