This conference program will run for 2 days. The program will be conducted in Sauraha, Chitwan. Sauraha is situated close to the Rapti River and the Chitwan National Park. It is the eastern gateway to Chitwan National Park and jungle safaris. For this program, we will first collect abstracts from the faculties of different institutions, …


About the Conference

About the Conference Conferences are professional academic meetings that bring scholars, experts, and researchers of different fields together for sharing their opinions through the presentations of their research papers or research reports. For exposing the recent trends in research, findings, and innovations in any discipline, conferences, and seminars are indispensable events. The aim of such conferences …

PostNational conference

Nature of Program

Research is the process of solving identified problems and/or developing or modifying existing theories. Research methodology is a systematic procedure for determining the issues and problems, collecting relevant information and data, analyzing and comparing the information, and finally predicting the expected outcomes of all fields of study, including scientific and non-scientific (Sekaran & Bougie, 2016). …